Financial Considerations

What costs are involved in a traditional funeral service or memorial service?
The cost for any type of service depends on several circumstances. Aside from certain non-declinable service fees, pricing is based on the features you choose. Your merchandise selection in particular goes a long way towards determining the cost. If you select a funeral service, the casket and cemetery outer enclosure are major determining factors. If you decide on a memorial service, an optional urn and cemetery outer enclosure for the urn determine the cost. Outer enclosure expenses are also dependent on the cemetery’s specific requirements. The third circumstance involves "cash advance" items that families may want us to pay for them. Obituaries, flowers, honorariums, cemetery costs, and death certificates are all items that we have no control over, but may or may not be involved in the total expenses involved in either type of service. These costs vary according to families’ wishes.

Do you offer financing?
While you won’t be able to finance directly through Shawgo Memorial Home, you may finance our services through Personal Finance Company. You may apply for funeral funding during our arrangement conference and receive an answer in a matter of minutes.

What are my payment options?
We accept checks, cash, and life insurance assignments. We do not require a down payment while arrangements are being made unless special circumstances are involved. In addition, we offer a discount if the entire balance is paid within two weeks of the arrangement conference. All accounts are due 30 days after the arrangement conference. As a family running a family business, we treat people as we would like to be treated. We treat everyone we serve fairly, and are willing to work with you if special circumstances exist.