Preparing for the Service

Can you help me choose the right products and services?
At the time of death or prearrangement, we will discuss your many options and arrange to provide the exact type of services and products you have in mind.

What items should I bring when meeting with you?
At the arrangement conference, we gather personal information required for filing
the legal papers involved in a death. Most often, the information requested is known
to the family and no search for papers is
required. You may need to bring social
security numbers and veteran discharge
papers, if applicable. If you would like a
picture included in the obituary, it’s a
good idea to bring in the photo that you
would like used. You may also bring the
clothing that the deceased is to wear.

How do I obtain a cemetery plot?
For most cemeteries in South Fulton County and North East Schuyler County, we either have the ability to sell you a lot, or know who to put you in touch with to get the cemetery lot you want.