General Questions

Is a public viewing necessary?
This is a question of choice. We believe that seeing the deceased aids in the mourning process and helps families and friends recognize that a death has occurred. This can be done privately, whether a traditional service or memorial service has been selected.

Is embalming required?
Embalming is required by us if the deceased is to remain in our funeral home for a period of eight or more hours. We do not have "coolers" to slow the decomposition process. This is why we have this requirement.

Why is embalming performed?
Embalming is performed to slow the decomposition of the body so that a funeral service can be conducted.

What are the differences between a family memorial home and a large chain?
The biggest difference is the people you deal with. As a family-owned funeral home, we make our own decisions based on what we believe is best for both the families we serve and our family business. A conglomerate, or chain, is owned by a board of directors who sit in a board room, probably out-of-state, and make decisions based on what's best for them and their bottom line.